coil over questions


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Nov 19, 2005
mooresville, nc
alright, im gonna be getting a coil over kit here shortly for the front of my car. im running kyb adjustables right now with stock springs. im not necessarily going for a low ride..just a better ride. im not worried about comfort just handling. basically what im asking is what rate springs should i get? i might lower the front maybe an half an inch or so. any input would be great. im looking at the granatelli kits but they offer 150-250 lbs springs. and im not sure which one i should get. thnaks
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Granetelli = Poop

I don't know what spring rate to suggest. I would call Maximum Motorsports and discuss what you want. They have the best stuff IMHO.

Here's my front and rear kit. I have very stiff spring rates. Wouldn't have it any other way.