SOLD MM coil overs, koni struts, qa1 rears, h&r rear springs and more in NJ


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Aug 8, 2003
This is about the only place i talk foxes, so if i'm going to let this stuff go pretty cheap, i'd rather it be here.

H&R race springs for the rear, barely used. $100+shipping
These ride drastically better than lowering kits.

Koni 3 way adjustables with MM coil overs. Missing the springs and they need to bump stops ($30 at MM).
They will need a 12in spring. I do still have the knob. I reused my 275lb springs $200, would prefer pick up, these are not light and so you can feel the tension for yourself.

Quad shocks, very few miles. I'll give these to someone who picks up something else.

Qa1 rear adjustable shocks. 10 way single.
Ranges from soft, to I'm going to vomit
$150 for the pair.

Unused rear shock tower brace. No clue, i just don't want it. I paid like $40, so $40 if you pick it up. I think it's $100 new (it is new)

Pinion snubber, probably never even contacted by the axle. Free with something else.

Motorsport Uppers, which the rubber appears to be good, no clue how long i had them.

All the shocks felt good on the car, the koni's i've had much longer than the qa1's.
I used them on soft 100% of the time.
None compress by hand.

I switched to all bilstein shocks/struts which required new coil overs. Added the panhard bar and torque arm so none of these parts are necessary.

$350 takes it all, assuming you pick it all up.
I live by Six Flags Great adventure if you need distance.



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Sold the qa1's on facebook (using my wife's account what a freaken nightmare in general).
If someone is a member of this forum, i'll give you the rest for $250.
That's less money than the coil over kit costs without springs alone.