coil pack not cause of rough idle

I have this rough idle on my Mustang. I changed the coil pack today, and did another timing light test. Everything looks good except the #4 cylinder. Before I changed the pack, 3 cylinders looked bad. So we check the plug on the #4 cylinder, and it looks like crap. These are Bosch Platimun +4 plugs, and they were changed in September of 2003. This has become the new focus of my life. That's sad. But, I'm gonna get rid of this rough idle, one way or another. I'm gonna change the plugs now, so does anyone know what plugs the 94.V6 calls for? One guy at the shop said that my plugs are no good for a Mustang. So, what is? Also, just for the hell of it, I'm not happy with the governer being at 110, so can I shut that off or override it?
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