coilovers on a fox

i have an 88 gt w/ t tops and i was seeing in online the coilover kits and i got to thinking how now all the weight of the car would now be on the shock mounts i wasnt sure if the shock mounts where able to handle all that or not... does anyone else have the coilover kit to let me know how it worked for them??? thanks guys
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9 Deuce GT

Dec 10, 2003
Geneva, NY
I have had the MM front coilover kit for Bilstein shocks for abput three years. They are great. No noise, great ride quality, superior build quality. I actually just bought the rear kit this past week. Again they quality is great. I can't wait to get them installed to have totally adjustable ride height.

If you are up for a bit of reading on the subject, I suggest you go to the coilover page on the Maximum Motorsport website. It's not just MM propaganda, it actually explains how the loads are transfered in the mUstang front geometry.


New Member
Aug 10, 2006
my upr coil overs clear my 17x9's just fine. ride is pretty good, they do make a little noise though. the ride is pretty good now that the car has decent stuts and subframe connectors.