cold start issues


Aug 27, 2007
Houston, Tx
No matter day or night, on a cold start roommate's 89 5.0 runs like doo doo balls (his words). Must start the car usually twice due to bad stumbles and dieing. Runs perfectly fine when warm. Thanks.
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I like the brevity here. :nice:

Tell him:

Mussssssst........ Pulllllllll......... Coooooooooodes.......... Caaaaaaaaaaptain.

Consider that the IAC might be dirty. If he holds the gas pedal down, does it stay running?

Good luck.
What codes did you get exactly? If you got no codes at all, there's an issue with the self-diagnostics.

Next up would be to check the calibration of the ECT when the engine is cold. The check if giving it gas helps - that can indicate the IAC is having issues.