Cometic Head Gaskets = Not cool......


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Apr 12, 2004
Lima OH
I ordered my new head gaskets from cometic (in cleveland mind you, 3 hours from my house) the order was placed on April 25th, i called them today to see where the F my gaskets were, and they said they hadnt shipped yet and would even be ready to ship till may 17th....meaning they wont be to my house till may 19th or 20th..... what a bunch of crap!!!!
:notnice: :notnice: :notnice: :notnice: :notnice:
i do have a set of felpro's sitting here that i didnt use, i'm seriously thinking about putting them on until they blow just so i can have my car to drive... should i????? thats like a freaking month without the stang!!!

sorry i just had to rant....

tip of the day, if you want cometic gaskets, or if you can go in the future and see when and if you are going to blow your gaskets, call cometic a month in advance to order.... you would think for $89 A PIECE they could get them here faster :shrug: :fuss:
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im kidding....its good to know that so if there is a next time i wont have to wait for them to actually cut the dumb things
I feel your pain. I ordered my cometics on March 28th, and I am still waiting for them. I have had my h/c/i combo, and supercharger sitting in the garage in boxes for a month and a half. Getting pretty antsy to get it started if the gaskets ever get here. :bang:
I feel your pain. I ordered LCA/UCA's 3 weeks ago today, and they said they were in stock when I ordered them, well they weren't. They got put on backorder. When I called they said there was nothing they could do about it (understandable, I know things get on backorder) but that they would email me when they shipped. I got an email last friday saying they processed my order, and that it had been sent to the warehouse. They finally charged my card too. So I figure friday, or maybe monday they would ship. Well it's tuesday now, and no word of shipping yet. If I don't hear from them tomorrow, then I'm gonna be a little mad. It will have been a freaking month since I ordered them, and when I got them. That's rediculous.