Cooling Question

Whats up everyone? I need to order a new radiator and electric fan setup for my 1991 5.0 today, cause i need it tomorrow so i can drive down to the shop. My stock one is done. What would you guys get? I was going to go threw summit but i am not sure yet. Let me know what you guys think.

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To help trim stuff down, I will toss out what I would look at. Summit has their radiators for ~170 bucks. not bad. or parts stores sell GDI 3 core HD rads for about the same price.

for the fan, Sgarlic is right - search will reveal volumes. factory faves are MK 8, 3.8 Taurus, SN95, Viper, et al. aftermarket - I have no idea what is decent - dont run aftermarket fans.

good luck.
Otherwise if you want to go with a stock rad, has pretty cheap prices on OEM rad's.. I got mine for I think 89 bucks shipped, works fine.
live2ride204 said:
Cool thanks guys, I did a search and went and got the 3 row HD from Auto zone. I heard it should do the trick. :D
sounds good to me. I am gonna try and shoehorn one of those into my 94GT (that should be fun).

anyhow, you might have to flip the top rad mounts around to accomodate the larger rad.
Good luck with it.
I ran the GDI (autozone, pepboys) radiator is a good piece. I ran it for over two years. I messed it up, not the unit's fault. Made a big difference in cooling, even wiht the stock worn out fans clutch at the time.