Cooling: trans, engine, A/C


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Jun 10, 2002
Houston Texas
Installing A/C (Vintage Air) for the first time. I've always run a trans cooler and have been unable to find an acceptable location other than in front of the radiator for it.

So the attached pic details what I have done. Mods required:

Hood lock reciever support that ties to the bottom of the radiator core support had to be narrowed to allow the trans cooler to protrude forward. -6 braided lines run in front, behind valance and snake on the outside of the strut support and tuck close to the frame until the turn to go into the transmission.
In addition:
- 5 blade stainless flex fan
- ALU Moroso water pump
- 30% over-drive March pulley for the water pump
- 4-core radiator
- ceramic coated headers
- water wetter

Anybody have a similar set up, in an area where 90 - 100 degrees is common?

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Sounds like I might have a chance at making this work. I probably generate a little more heat based on the tranny, gears, and motor mods but I'm looking for the ceramic coated headers to help keep the base heat out of the engine compartment.

With A/C on:

What is the average trans temp in the summer?

What is your average engine temp in the summer?