couple of questions/problems with my 5.0


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May 3, 2005
Ok just got my 5.0 tonight, the guy unfortanetly towed it from staten island NY to lancaster PA on a freakin Uhaul dolly in the rain. Which means the poor engine was facing the water the entire way down. Anyway, the car is Speed density to get things started. The car is running extremely rich, the gauge on the FPR is correct i tested it with my air compressor. Also, it dies out if i try and rev the engine past 4 grand. There is an aftermarket tach hooked up so i dont know if there is a rev limiter in them or not. 3rd, it is blowing oil out of the breather on the valve covers. The guy overfilled the oil so i think that this is the problem. It seems that the fuel pressure regulates whether or not the oil blows out of the valve cover. My dad and his brother said that the engine is "loading up" with fuel. Also when i start the car up, it revs real high real quick and then comes down to idle. It seems to be idling fine, and from what my dad told me there is no white smoke blowing out the exhaust or anything, no knocking or ticking so i dont think the engine is blown. The guy who had the car before me did an engine swap, he took it from carbed to fuel injeceted. He has a 255 lph fuel pump in the car now. He has explorer upper and GT40 lower intake, and also has like 4 or 5 different nipples capped, and about 3 hoses just laying in the engine bay. Also, there is nitrous hooked up, from what he said its a dry shot, but he has it T'ed into the FPR. I think this guy didnt really know what he was doing. So as of right now, we're going to unhook the nitrous and hook the fuel line back the stock way to the regulator. It has a 70 MM TB on it and im pretty sure it has a spacer on it too, so we're going to take the spacer off and just hook the TB right to the engine block. I think we're also going to do an oil change too. I checked the plugs and they are BLACK. If you guys can help me out, or even if anyone feels inclined to come over tomorrow and help i would greatly appreciate it. Im gonna keep checking on here for a little while tonight, and hopefully i can figure this out. Thanks alot
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About your car running too rich issue. Since it's speed density I would look to the MAP Sensor. If it goes bad or the vacuum line come off it will run rich.

Second unhook the Tach for now and see if it helps.

Third check all those vacuum lines and check for vacuum leaks.

I would not unhook the EGR spacer. Leave it on and make sure it is plugged into the harness. Also if you take it off you will have no where to bolt up the throttle cable.

I would change the oil as planned and the spark plugs as well.