couple questions


Oct 14, 2004
alright first off, which way do you guys have your mass air meter facing. up, away from engine or toward engine. i have heard this can make a bit of a difference. also what antifreeze are you guys using in aluminum heads. i have just been using 50/50 green stuff but my friend was reading the ase cert. book and he said i should possibly think about using the all mixable stuff. any suggestions
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1. The direction of the Mass Air meter shouldn't make a difference as long as it isn't on there backwards and even then I am not sure if it matters.

2. I would just stick with the regular antifreeze that you are using. If it aint broke don't fix it.

3. Stock timing

4 Capital letters at the beginning of sentences make it easier to read and distinguish between sentences and questions. :nice:
DO NOT use anything but green antifreeze. ASE book is not real world, it's just a study book.

Set your timing to 10 (factory). You can bump it to 12 and drive up a hill in high gear (bogg it down). If you don't hear any pinging then you can bump it up again. Don't go above 16.

I would keep it between 10 and 13 personally.

Good Luck! ;)