Crate Engine Install Questions

So, I'm getting to the point where I am redy to do the engine in my 68. The car has a tired original 289. I've been looking at a ford crate engine (320/315hp) for a daily driver that has had the suspension updated with performance goodies. Not injecting for now to conserve cash. Wondering if anyone here has done the swap, and if so, what will need to be changed? I realize some things will need to be changed since it is a roller cam with different firing order. Recommend a distributor? Will the original ac brakets and power steering brackets mount on the engine? What I'm looking to do is swap as much of the original equipment back in since many parts have been replaced or rebuilt. Thanks ahead of time for your input. :shrug:
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I am curious about hearing someones input on this one so I am going to give you a bump. I am eventually planning something similar. Since you are planning a newer engine, maybe you should plan on doing a serpentine belt conversion. Good luck.
All of your original brackets should bolt up just fine. You will need a different dampner and flexplate as the balance in your crate motr is different then your 289. I'm pretty sure you'll have to change the gear on your distributor so you don't wear out the cam, but that's nothing major. Oh, do the heads have holes for the thermactor in the late model cars? If so, you'll have to plug those. That's all I can think of now.
You will also need to use the 289 timing cover to retain the up front dipstick and the mechanical fuel pump and make sure you plug the hole on the driver's side of the block where the late model dipstick installs. Your distributor will work with a gear intended for an 85 and up roller 5.0 car (double check shaft diameters as there were 2), as mustang70 has already said. All your brackets will bolt up just like they did on the 289 since all the same holes are there but you will have to use the early 289 water pump to retain the lower boss for the ower alternator bracket and have the hose come out on the correct side for your original radiator.
Great68 said:
Gp, how would you set it up so that you can use a mechanical fuel pump?
You simply need to transfer the fuel pump eccentric over to the camshaft/timing gear using the bolt out of the 289/early 302 and use the timing chain cover off of the same engine. Newer 302s do not have the provision in the timing chain cover for the mechanical pump.