Custom Audio in '03 GT Vert....PLEEZ HELP!!!!


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May 11, 2005
All right guys and gals......I'm sorry if you see this post over on some other topics as well, but I'm trying to get as much help on this as possible because I will start this project on only day off from work!!!

Basically, in a nutshell, I'm scrapping the entire back seat of my '03 GT Vert, and taking out the sub box from the trunk, and putting in a rear seat delete that I built myself. As of right now, I have 3/4" particle board for where the seat back used to be, and will be attaching my amp and a set of components to it. I will then strecth vinyl over the board only to make it look nice and match the black vinyl in the car. I've got that sized and situated pretty well, so that's about done. Here's the question, though:

For where the seat bottom goes, I will be making a fiberglass enclosure in that well, make a flat top of the fiberglass with bondo or something, and then make a top piece of 3/4" particle board and fiberglass it together, then screw down ANOTHER 3/4" piece on top of that, for strength. How can I make a flat piece for the first particle board to rest on to get it to be strong enough?? If I make the ENTIRE fiberglass enclosure (not including the top) 5-6 layers thick, will this alone create an edge large enough for the particle board to rest on comfortably? What, if anything, should I use as an air sealant?? I will be putting in two 10" Audiobahn AWT 1000Q subs, each pulling in about 300 watts RMS. I sure hope that the 1.5" top will be strong enough. Any other suggestions to make this design sick with it?? I will be making the enclosure with epoxy resin because I've read up and you all say this is stronger the polyester. Here's my materials as of right now:
1. 4:1 Fast Epoxy Resin / Hardener from
2. 1" & 2" brushes
3. acetone for brush re-using
4. 3 packs of cloth mat(i've been reading this is better for stiffness)
5. 2 packs of chop mat
6. blue painting masking tape for the first layer on the bare metal
7. foil tape to put on top of the blue masking tape
8. plastic drop cloths for the area around what I'm glassing
9. 60 & 100 grit sand paper for something, anything it might be needed for
10. black vinyl to cover the top piece of wood.

Is there a possibility that the top pieces of wood will be so heavy that I won't need to bond it somehow to the fiberglass? If so, that would be great. Please give me any and all opinions on this thread. I have the actual fiberglassing technique down pretty well from the research I've done, and this will be my first experience with fiberglass. I've seen sites all over the place with how-to's on doing this in the spare tire well, kick panels, tweeter mounts, dash pieces, truck pieces, but NOTHING for a how-to on what I want to do. To date, I've only seen two mustangs with this setup, a yellow 2001 Cobra from GroundDesigns2000, and an orange V6 Demon stang from APC. I can see pics of the orange one on the APC website, but no how-to's or help or instructions. I want mine to look very similar. Here's the link if you want an idea of what I want mine to look like.

........just wait and open up the pics to the mustang. would I mount the enclosure down if needed?? Would it be needed?? How heavy should it need to be to not have to bolt it down?? I feel like I should do something because of potholes and the crappy freeway system of CA. I want this to sound and look very nice guys, like I put some real time and effort into this. Please......any help or advice or suggestions would go a long way with me.....Thanks in advance.
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