custom gauges (need web addy)


Playing with my wife's really makes me want one.
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May 23, 2004
East Moline, IL
I was on some site a few weeks ago, and they had all kinds of white-faced and color gauges.. But the cool thing was you could put different things like "GT" and a pony emblem and such on the gauges. you could change the colors and even font. it was a little flash thing. I had come up with some that i really liked, but now I can't remember the website addy. Does anyone know the site I speak of? I really want to do white faces with red, a gt on the speedo and a pony on the rpm.

thanks in advance
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that's the one.. I swear there was an option for retro style though, where the speedo was retro looking. I believe the Mach 1 has that style... i thought i had been on a site that had that as an option. I could be wrong though.