D&D T-5 question

I am buying a friends 347 and installing it this spring. For quite some time it will stay as a N/A car. I have made a list of all the support parts I am going to need: radiator, elec fan, new clutch, etc... which is going to drain my car budget. I know my stock T-5 will not last long and while I have the car torn apart I want to upgrade it. Has anyone here bought one of D&D's T-5's? It is fairly affordable and with everything else I have to buy I can not afford a TKO 500 right now.
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The stocker may actually last quite a while for you.
(then again, it could grenade on you)

I put better than 10k miles on my factory t5 with the 408w.

It just depends on how you drive the car.

I have been very impressed with D&D in the past. I have spoken to their tech support and ordered rebuild manuals. I have yet to use their products though.

I would trust their quality, and I plan to purchase the parts needed to rebuild my factory t5/swap gears.

Interested to hear what others have to say...