[email protected] Car Problems


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Jan 5, 2002
So yeah I took my car up to CARX to find out what was up with it. I thought it was just an exhaust leak, but it turned out that one of my motor mounts broke and damaged the cat. So they quoted me to replace the whole front Y piece would be 900 bucks. I was thinking with that much I could get my whole exhaust system that I was planning on in the future. (MAC long tubes, MAC off road H and the SLP loudmouth kit) Does anyone know what that setup might sound like or think its a good idea??? or better yet does anyone know if the SLP is 2.25 inches like the H pipe? I just need some opinions or suggestions because I refuse to spend almost a thousand dollars and still have single exhaust. Thanks ;)
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Ill tell you what. . . I still have my stock y-pipe I will sell you if you dont wanna spend all the money to get the true dual set-up. Cuz I know that the Mac longtube headers and the o/r h-pipe will cost you around $500 plus the cost of the slp stuff plus the cost for installation. As far as the sound goes, you have to remember its a v6. . . it wont sound like a v8, mine has a ricey sound at high rpms.. . . just something to think about.