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Apr 7, 2010
As a previous owner of other modded cars, and many sportbikes...I know how easy it is to get sucked into the mod fest = empty wallet = pissed off wife cycle. I have sworn to do a few simple mods to the stang and let it be. It's gonna be tough :rlaugh:

So I put the pipes on, gonna lower it this week, and was gonna call it good for the rest of the year. Just cruise around and enjoy the car. Tonight I'm coming out of the gym, and parked RIGHT NEXT to me is the exact same car as mine, but lowered and sitting on what looks to be some sweet 19 in wheels. I was like "oh hell no you didn't."

The only thing stopping me from going shopping right now for rims/tires/big brake upgrades is the fact that tomorrow reality will set in and I'll realize I don't NEED that stuff....right? :bs:

I just hope I don't see that bastid anymore, or it could get ugly :nono:
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i know what you mean. i see a few peoples set ups, and i'm like yeah i gotta get me some 18s, or i gotta lower my car. etc.

but right now, my set up i have going, theres no question around here if its me or not. everyone sees my car knows exactly who i am. and i wouldn't trade that for anything.

gunna do a few small things, but got my main idea already goin. just the finishing touches need to be added.
Get some money together and buy your wife a designer handbag for about 1500, designer shoes for about 6 - 700 and some diamond ear rings and she will be very receptive to any mods you wish to do. She might even come up to you and say baby we got some extra money, why don't you buy something for the Mustang.
Good advice from the last two posters there pesj :D It is a terrible addiction, but in the end dont let it get in the way of your marriage! :nice:

Good luck on holding back though! It sure is difficult. I am always looking at new things to get and my wife comes into the comp room and asks what I am doing. I always tell her just researching... :rlaugh:
yea, last night I was on here and she was like "ANOTHER forum?" lol ah yes...

Dropped the car off today, they are stripping it down and professionally waxing/clear coat or whatever it is they do, and removing the CA stripe on the side. Should be good for the summer :) The springs I ordered should be here in a couple days too, I'm telling myself that's gotta be it for now!

I just researched some garages on here, looks like 20 inch wheels with the big brake kit is the way to go for 2011 though.

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it's either that or get my daughter a car since she'll be turning 16. I guess she'll have to bum rides from her friends :)