Dakota Digital fan controller


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Jan 21, 2007
As I posted earlier, I am going to do the 3G upgrade on my 91 LX. Since I will have the charging system up to snuff I am thinking of adding an e-fan, most likely a taurus fan. I have been researching fan controllers that would allow me to use the dual speed fan. Has anyone ever tried the Dakota Digital PAC-2000 fan controller? It may be a decent option other than a DCC. It allows dual speeds and is temperature programmable. It also has an A/C input to allow fan control with A/C. Check it out at http://www.dakotadigital.com/index....ategory_id=109/home_id=59/mode=prod/prd43.htm

Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.
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I'm curious why you'd want to be restricted to two fan speeds instead of infinitely variable speeds?

You could use an adjustable digital thermoswitch for refrigeration units. I've seen it done once and it was kinda neat. This can save a little money.

Anyhoo, I cant help with your question but ya get a bump. Good luck.