Dakota Digital Fan Controller keeps showing an Error


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Apr 26, 2021
Phoenix, AZ
Hi, I have a 93 Fox Mustang and have been having an issue with the fan controller not turning the electric fans on. The car has:

  • Ford Contour Electric fans(2 fans)
  • 2 x 70 amp relays
  • Dakota Digital PAC 2750 fan controller
  • Dakota Digital SEN 04-5 sending unit
The system was working fine until about a week ago, now the fans do not turn on when the car gets up to tempature. I went through the fan controller manual and did the setup but keep getting “Er2” which according to the manual is:

1) The wrong gauge selected ( I selected “no” in the setup which is for no gauge, dedicated Dakota Digital Sender)

2) Sender is Shorted

3) Unit not connected to sender.

I checked and the wire running into the Dakota Digital fan controller sender is the one that is plugged in to the sending unit and it has continuity. Just to see I ran a new wire directly from the sending unit to the fan controller and that did not resolve the issue. I also checked both relays and they click on and off when connected to power. Has anyone else ran into a similar issue? Any ideas? I do have a separate AEM temperature gauge, but it runs off a separate sensor as far as I can tell. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


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It looks like a VDO thermistor temp sensor. It looks like the sensor housing is not making good electrical contact with the engine block. Thermostat housing looks like it's powder coated black. Measure resistance between sensor housing & engine block.
You might get the controller to turn on by jumpering a wire from sensor housing to the engine block (battery ground).
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