Dallas Mustang Speedo Recalibrator

OK..just got the 4.10 installed last week.....very nice, no regrets whatsoever. :nice: Finally got the recalibrator a few days ago, everything is ready to be installed and I have the precise speed to correct already set on the dipswitches, the only thing that I cant seem to figure out is how they tell you to splice into a "switched power" source....ummm where would that be exactly? I could run the wire all the way to the battery but that would be a constant power source wouldnt it? I tried calling ford racing tech support and the guy claims he doesnt have any experience with late model mustangs. Lovely. Lets say I work for dell, you call me--guess what your computer is too new...cant help ya. WTF!! :bang: He mentioned something about going into the fusebox....umm ok I have a red wire in my hand not a fuse. Im very good at working on my car myself but this electrical stuff is not one of my strong points. Can someone please walk me though the easiest way to do this. The 10+mph is getting very annoying already.


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Kilgore Trout

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Mar 30, 2005
How much did you pay for that thing? What the hell bro??? Why not spend an extra hundred or two and get a handheld engine computer which will do SO MUCH MORE!! Send that thing BACK!


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Jun 23, 2004
I have a FRPP speedo recalibrator and I spliced mine into the cigarette lighter. I think its the brown wire in its connector. I'm not 100% sure but there's only 2 wires there so just find the hot wire and splice it there. The lighter is switched and it won't hurt to splice it there. Also check out Dallas Mustang website, they have an install article there on where to hook everything up.


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Aug 31, 2002
Clovis, CA
coramprat said:
I have a power port that isn't switched on my 96 but the lighter in the ashtray is. The one in the ashtray is the one I used.

I just check'd my 02 using my cellphone charge and both the cig lighter and the power port in the console are constant power. So if his Mustang is an 04 (guess based on his username) it's probably just like mine and he should find switched power somewere else.