Damn Car issues


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Mar 8, 2002
Chattanooga, TN
I want to see if anyone can help...
Here's the situation,
I installed a diablosport performance tune "93 octane" tune a couple of days ago. Ran great for about two days. Then all of a sudden last night I am going to a car show and while driving down the hwy. the car starts to sputter (still driveable though) so I figure it's the tune. I had backed up the factory tune already. So when I get to the car show, I put the factory tune back in thinking it would be all good...not so much. As I am heading home it's doing the same thing. It's feels like it's loading up and misfiring. So I get home tonight all set to swap plugs thinking that's the issue. I slap a set of autolite 103's in. Start it up and take it for a spin around the block...same thing but now I have 4 codes...2 of the codes are rich running codes, one is a theft code and one if an incomplete test code. Another thing, when I was checking things with the tuner, it told me the vin was ff, ff, ff, ff, ect. anyone know what's up with that? So anyway, I thought I heard a vac. leak, so I took off the intake upper and lower (stock) thinking I may have busted that again, no such luck, I filled it with water and it didn't leak a drop. I know I have 8 weeks or more til Joliet, but I have to get this taken care of. Anyone that has a suggest shoot it out.
Here are the things already checked...
Air Filter
Valve Stems (Had the intake off so I took a peak)
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Dec 21, 2004
Stafford VA
If you're getting codes for a rich condition, you dont have a vacuum leak.

Did you do anything to the car aside from the tune recently? Any misfire codes?What kind of air filter...K&N? Pick up some electrical contact cleaner and try cleaning your MAF.

Whatever you do, DO NOT start throwing parts at the car. You'll spend way too much money going this route.


Mar 30, 2005
wellington florida
funny this happened to me when I put a tune in my 99 gt as well. I thought it was the tune and tryed to put the original tune back in but that didn't help. I took it to a custom tuner and he tuned it just right BUT alongthe way he found that my IAC was not right there was a short on the electrical wires on the IAC which he fixed as well. So i got a custome tune and he gave me 2 more tunes just in case I heard detonation. so far so good.


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Oct 8, 2001
Atlanta, GA
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My car was started sputtering when my fuel pump was going bad. When I would shut it down for a few minutes it would run fine, but after that it started sputtering again....:shrug:


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Nov 29, 1999
Could possibly an o2 sensor. Sounds exactly what my car did. Took mine to the ghey stealerlship and they replaced an o2 sensor and car was fine. :shrug:


Dec 8, 2004
Seattle, Eastside
Not trying to be a spaz :rolleyes:

But it might help if we knew some details abut the car like yr, model type and any mods?

Did you datalog the car when the conditions were active? you said fuel pressure was 30-32 idle and 40 at WOT was the car splutering at the time?

I use NGKTR6 plugs and not had any problems :nice:

just help trying to generate some ideas.

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Mar 30, 2005
Pull the vacuum line off the FRPS and see if it smells like fuel.

Are you n/a or f/i?
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