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Apr 8, 2001
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*** I will have pics of all of this as soon as I get my comptuer back from HP

My buddy and I (he might even be reading this) are doing body work on the ol 66. He is doing most of the work because he knows what he is doing. We took out my windshield and found out that my dashpad was rotted and warped and bent. I tore that puppy off and was going to replace it. Then I saw the price on new ones...$150+ shipping.

Well, I thought about it for a little while. I broke out the trusty spot weld drill bits and took off a spot welded piece of metal on the dash. Now, the dash was just bare metal.....no dashpad. I got some body filler and filled and sanded and filled and block sanded and hand sanded until everything was nice and smooth and uniform. Since I will be usine kick panel speakers, we fiberglassed the vent for the speaker up, but we left the defrost vents open. The all metal dash and the speaker/defrost grill is also being painted to match the car...white, blue stripes. It should look pretty sharp. It really opens up the car.

Now, for the custom console....

Eh, i will wait until I have pictures to fully explain. :)
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What holes? There were no holes from the spot welds, and it would have been pointless to weld up the speaker grille...so, we glassed the it. As for the hole where the factory speaker actually goes, well, we have plans for it. There were no other holes though.

The body filler was used to just make everything smooth. Some of those spot welds created high spots. So i took them down with a ball peen hammer, and then smoothed it out with body filler.

Pics will be posted as soon as I can get my laptop back from HP.