Dash lights on when headlights aren't


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Mar 30, 2005
Not long after getting my 2005 new, I discovered that the dash lights are on (in white) at night even if the headlights are not. I discovered that after driving about a mile at night with no headlights. I was in town and there were many street lights.
Recently, I was at a rest area on a major highway at night. Lots of light in the parking light. My dash lights were on when I pulled out. But as I pulled into traffic I quickly realized my headlights were not on.
Anyone else have such a problem? Why would Ford design the dash lights to come on when the headlights are not on??
Also, how many of you like the way your headlights dim. It has taken some real getting used to and I still don't like it. It's not push and they are bright and pull they are dim. It's pull and they are bright and pull and they are dim.
My wife has a new 2007 Mariner and it's the traditional push, pull. I like that much better.
And why I am gripping. Why do some Ford vehicles have wipers that turn on by pushing up and others turn on while pulling down. Wouldn't consistiency among Ford models be a nice thing since some of us do have more than one vehicle?
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I don't have my-color so mine are white when the lights are off and green when they are on. I guess if you have My-color and you set it to white you it would be harder to catch the fact you forgot to turn your lights on. You could change the dashlights to Mauve...
Hey Stan, just wanted to let you know that when your dash lights are white ?? this is normal and is part of Ford's design as some sort of safety feature to remind the driver to make sure the headlights are turned on at night and also as a reminder to turn them back off before exiting the vehicle..it's also very possible that part of the design was also intended to help the driver see the speedo better in cases of bright sunlight as well..Anyway hope this helps explain things better...:shrug:
I like it because even if you dont have your lights on, the visibility of the guages are still good.

But for me its just habbit to turn on my parking lights with the pony package driving lights. I just think its safer, and from what I remember a study found that you were less likely to get in an accident by having your lights on at all times.

So for me, its not an issue because turning my lights on is part of my driving habits, just like buckling up.
I like the gauges illuminated when the headlights are off. I can actually see them in bright light with my sunglasses on. I can see them while going through dimly lit tunnels.

I also like the pull-pull for the bright-dim headlight function. I don't have to think about which way is which. If I want to change the function, I just pull.

In California, it is illegal to drive with the fog lights on unless the headlights are also on.

I only have one car, so the operation of the windshield wiper doesn't matter. I agree that, for those with more than one car, it would be helpful to have the controls operate the same.