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so i have a 93 mustang lx vert 5.0 w/ some mods. I wanted to do a 347 stoker and bolt ons &finish drivetrain mods beginning of summer. This will cost probably 4 grand just motor, which is doable even while at penn state. Then i really started researching about 96-98 cobras. Seems real tempting to buy one of these for 8500 rather then put loads of cash into my vert, and it still only holding a value of around 5 grand. I dont know i love my vert (high school car). But i also love 96-8 cobras, and you can get them in high 12's with some minor bolt ons. And i figure i can always mod a fox body how i would like after college in a year. Need some suggestions, thanx (this decision ismaking me think too much.:shrug:
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Yea Im not sure as I've been a 5.0 guy myself but; but I dont know enough about the 96-98 4.6 dohc 32 valve motor. They are expensive if they break? I would get one with 50 thous-75 thous miles. And just other stuff about them, or it all depends on how they were driven prior to long they last mileage wise?...thanks
well i never had a problem with my 96 cobra or this cobra. only my own stupidity hurt this motor cuz i was too busy during the week to change the oil so i waited and i drive hard so, there ya go.
there's people with them up to 170,000 miles + on here. 96-98 cobras are very good motors if treated right.

the only car i'd reallllly want over mine is an 03/04 cobra. and i cant afford one yet so i think im just gonna fix mine and sell it or drive it for another year or so but def put the 4.10s in asap.

you could always take over my loan :)
Yea 95 yellow 5.0,

I really want to get one. I know that the gears/and shifter mgw is a must. Then exhaust and yada yada yada. Those motors are supposed to take pretty decent horsepower right? Plus is it pretty pricy building them up with better internals, or no? thanks man.
labor costs a ***** load. i cant do it myself so i dunno. on ebay i found forged pistons, rods and crank for $1500. but installation... i dont even wanna know. i'm guessin near $2500 or more. people supercharge the motors with stock internals but i dont think theyll hold up too good over 400rwhp. neither will the transmission, well the way i drive. i'm gonna talk to another guy up in new britain tomorrow who doe 4.6's all the time. so i'm gonna get some prices on engine work hopefully. i'll let ya know what he tells me.
sorry for taking forever, busy figuring out what i'm doin today actually. i found an idiot dealer that didnt test drive my car so i'm just trading it in. leaving us both not knowing exact prices to rebuild the motor...
they're giving me $9k though so I mean, the difference on the loan would be the cost to fix it probably, so I am technically just adding that price to the loan on the 01 cobra vert i just bought.