Diablo Tune.. Stalls At 3 To 4th


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Dec 25, 2012
south west PA
Hi guys
First post at this site, but I have been viewing for months. I have a Diablo Intune and have been going back and forth with American Muscle. First was a pulsating idle (car was quick but it needed fixed and they did). Second was a complete engine shutdown to idle at full throttle from 3rd to 4th gear and no other gear. This is during drag racing and this is very irritating. Anybody else have a problem with this tune.? Is this a Torque management issue?

I have a 2013 GT with a cat back and k&n.
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Well....went to the strip last night. Stock tune ....bogged outta the hole and 3rd to 4th. Installed a Bama tune (93 race) and HURRAY! no problem no bogging no shut down to idle. Talked to a Mustang expert and he said "the engine shut down at full throttle was typical of the 5.0, it is due to torque management and slight clutch slippage. Thanks AM for sending me the correct tune.
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Yes, I am having the same issue '13 GT with 93 Octane Intune program. The idle oscillates between 750 rpm and 500 rpm when the engine is at normal temperature. Sometimes it stalls out after a few minutes. The only thing I can figure at this point is that it's the tune. I have nothing more than a K&N panel added to the engine also.

I'm glad you posted this. I plan to purchase the BAMA tunes. Was there a noticeable difference between the BAMA and Diablosport tunes in terms of performance?
I just reflashed the computer back to factory settings and the pulsating idle was almost entirely gone.

I just ordered the tunes for life from A.M.
I have heard really good things and can't wait to try them.