did some engine detailing!


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Nov 24, 2007
Port St. Lucie, Florida
im a neat freak about engine bays, so ive been doing a little cleaning up, detailing and polishing under my hood!:D

the new things!
6061 plenuim
polished the fuel rails
painted valve covers
relocated power steering resovoir!
billet oil cap
replaced most bolts with SS allen heads
shortened spark plug wires to look neater






oh yeah, and nick from modular head shop uses my engine pic to sell the 6061 plenuim!

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Love it very nice , Im all for a clean engine bay , when I get around to taking new pics of my engine bay Im going to post them , better yet we can get some kind of clean engine bay tourament put together , get your game face on I'm coming for ya!
Thnaks guys!

looks great, but how on earth did u shorten the spark plug wires, also what paint and process did you use to paint the stocker valve covers they look pretty sweet indeed

the spark plug wires were pretty hard, but i just cut the ends off and reattached the metal that plugs into the coil packs. and the valve cover, i degreesed them, sanded with 320 grit, then i used krylon plastic primer, and krylon aluminum high temp, oil and gas restant paint! its holding up pretty good so far!
i use CD2 to keep the black shiny.

yes, i want a billet dip stick handle, and canton coolant, and power steering resovoir....

and i shortened the wires on the coil side:nice:

i and deffently getting a coolant resovoir first, a guy was selling one locally for $80 bucks and i missed it!:mad: