Difference in TFI modules


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Aug 2, 2007
I'm looking at the possibility of buying a TFI module for my 91 Mustang. I've been looking on Summit's website and there is one for $48 that is a 9-pin and one that is $99 that is a 6-pin. My question is what is the difference between a 9-pin and 6-pin and how can I tell what I have currently?
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Two possibilities, either they used two different ignitions at some point, which I don't think they did, or maybe one is for aftermarket distributors like MSD's and one is for the stocker. Did you click on the applications tab on summits website for each part to get some more specific model info? Best way to tell if you can't tell from summit's site is just go take off the one that is currently on your car and count the pins. You'll need the little TFI removal tool from the auto parts store if you don't have an EXTREMELY small deep socket that will fit.


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Nov 29, 1999
Some parts references incorrectly differentiate auto vs stick TFI's. The actual differentiation is that early aero foxes use a push-start TFI (generally grey). Later models use a CCD TFI (generally black).

You can bolt the wrong module in and it fits but the car won't run or will run horribly (depending upon what you had and what you got). A clue is that if your TFI Pin 4 has cranking power, that indicates a push-start TFI car.