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May 20, 2003
norfolk, VA
These drag radials hook like forever... but I still couldn't pull off a 8.xx Really kinda sucks... But to my credit it was hotter than hell and muggy. I feel like the car just wasn't running up to par and I noticed it was pinging a bit on the top end running down the highway.. .Maybe the timing is off a smidgen... Either way, still had the fastest run yet... 9.054 @ 76.49. My 60' are 1.960, not too bad I figure (these are 1/8th mile for those who aren't in the know). I burned em for about 6 seconds and then launched at 3500, grabbed and went. I don't want to launch much harder than that... still have to drive to and from with this thing. So I guess my questions are these. Do the 1.5mph lower speed indicate a) loss in horsepower attributed to atomospheric conditions or b) sticky tires resulting in more friction down the track? What do you guys think? I gave her all she had, just didn't have 8's in it tonight... I guess it's time for Tom's ported lower... Tom, where you at?
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I let it cool down pretty good on the two runs that were in the 9.0x range. I don't have a digital temp gauge, just the stocker, but the intake was only warm to the touch like maybe a meal at a restaurant you'd send back, and the the gauge was almost out of the N in normal going to the left. I maybe should have let it cool down a bit more but it was taking forever to cool down. Someone's crankcase blew up and spewed oil all over the track and it took them an hour to clean it up and get the backlog threw the traps so it was HOT there... ambient air temp was in the mid 90's at my place when I left at 7.. and when I came home at 10 it was still 80 out... Felt humid as ****... I'm not going back until I get the intake ported...
Almost the exact same as my car, although my runs were in better weather.

I wouldn't worry too much about the MPH dropping 1.5. My 1/8th mile MPH would vary up to 3 mph depending on how good I got off the line.
Well Im going out sat and the only things I've added since my last time out are a Tmoss ported lower and a pro M 80mm MAF. So I will be able to let you know what it was good for by next wk. Hopefully enough to get my slow AODE in the 13's. But I'm not betting on it.
THanks a lot for the replies guys, it's just disapointing when you try to achieve a goal and it doesn't happen... I'm going to tmoss's ported lower too.. hopefully I can see that illusive 13 second timeslip...