Distributor gear?Mallory unilite


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Mar 31, 2005
I have a mallory unilite I got for free basicly that is brand new.I am not qiute sure on wich gear this thing's needs before I put it in my 91' 302 motor.I have heard bronze then I heard steel and I see alot of them for sale.I am also wondering if the stock gear on the stock efi distributor might fit on the thing.Any help here would be cool..thx
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Another steel gear for a roller motor reply. Couldnt tell ya about the gear that comes on it.

Nice find and good luck.
I will pull the stock dizzy out and if the gear fit's I will post it so others know also.If not geuss I will be buying a flywheel and a gear monday.Was also in the middle of putting a c6 behind the motor.
Well I got out both of them and did some measuring before removing them and they will interchange just for future reference for someone else.I also took a file and filed on the collar a little and it seemed to be steel.After cleaning it off I seen a part number and did a search and it tunred out to already have a steel gear on it.How lucky is that.thx for the help and maybe this will help someone else out when searching. here is the gear number mallory 28034