distributor install question


Apr 4, 2004
Goldsboro nc
putting my new 306 together, got it timed. when i went to install my distributor it went all the way down and stopped about an 1/8 of an inch from the block. i used the hold down to draw it down the rest of the way and i heard a light pop...was that the clip on the oil pump shaft moving? the distributor moves with the crank and is sitting flush with the block now. there is nothing in the oil pump thta would be damaged from that right?
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hmm....i would pull it out and check to see if anything is messed up. i had a hell of a time getting a dizzy in a friends car. it was like it was hanging up on the oil pump shaft. better safe than sorry, pull it out and make sure that oil pump shaft isnt broken.
sounds like you broke the clip off the shaft....most new oil pump drive shafts are a tad too long and need to shave a hair off the end of the distributor to get it to seat! I just rebuilt mine and installed a new mellings pump and it came with a new driveshaft and I had the same problem....wouldn't seat all the way. So I cut off bout an 1/8 of an inch off the dizzy and she slid right in there and seated flat against the block. Do a search and you will see it's a common thing when you install a new oil drive shaft!
well i just checked it..the dizzy came out with no problem. the oil pump shaft stayed down...when i was installing the pump and shaft originally the clip was a a little off.i know i didnt brak it. i didnt force it hard at all. those clips are pretty damn strong. i have read about the oil pump shafts being a little too long but i used the same part number i have used in the past. so im thinking thats what was making int tight. either that or the new o-ring was really tight.