Distributor Shims?


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Feb 15, 2006
When I tighten the distributor down (stock 93 stang dist., new block), the distributor gear bottoms out in the block causing gear to bind. Does anyone know if they make shims for the housing to lift the distributor so this doesn't happen?
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Do you have an ARP oil shaft?

Most likely the dist is just catching up on the shaft before it fully seats. Try turning the rotor slightly as you push down gently.

Some people (including myself) have had issues with the arp shaft being a little too long. The quick and easy fix is to trim down the end of the dist.

Before cutting though, make sure the dist is not caught on the oil shaft.

Unfortunately, it's not getting caught up on the top of the shaft. The oil pump shaft has plenty of clearance inside the distributor shaft. The problem is the distance between the distributor gear and the distributor collar...so when you slide it in, the gear hits bottom prior to the collar seating. :shrug:
I take it you have the timing cover off then?

It sounds like you are putting a 351w dist. into a 302 block. Also, I think there were a couple of different lengths of 302 dist.

At this point it would probably be easiest to go to a good parts store (NAPA is the only one I can think of for this), and explain what the problem is. NAPA is usually more willing to pull parts off the shelf and compare to what you have. If Schucks can't find it on their computer it doesn't exist. (Sorry for the rant).

Wish you luck.

Come back and let us know how it works out.