Disturbing Distributer

Silver Talon

New Member
Jul 16, 2004
Heres the run down. In my 351 swap the biggest problem i have run into so far is the distributer. I need one that will work with a 95 351w van motor, and will work with my 82 Gt's Ignition system. I belive is a duraspark II. What i have learned so far is to get a 83 ford crownvictoria police interceptor (351w mortor) distributer. Im not sure if this is right. It kinda makes sence but im not sure. Anyone Know what im going to need? I just got a distributer in, that i had backorderd through a motor supply store, and i have it now. But it dosent have a cap or rotor, and i had to pay 84 bux for it. Should i return it and get a peforemance one for a little more? And what one should i get? Part number? Im tottaly lost and am anxious to get the beast on the road.
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