ditch the MAC CAI?


Aug 1, 2005
I've always had idling problems before and after the cams. I've always guessed that part of it was the CAI. My car stalls out alot when its cold, sometimes when coming to a stop or even during a turn. I was planning on getting the JLT GT HP Budget kit so i could just replace the elbow with a basic RAI setup, and because my friend can get me a discount there. Would I be wasting my money? or would switching to this setup lose or gain power? I've noticed alot of cammed cars using "ram air" intakes instead of CAI also.
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I have a MAC CAI also but dont have idling/stalling problems. Have you tried fixing the problem such as IAC or cleaning the maf? Or maybe its the dreaded 90degree bend in front of the maf.:eek: I say go for the deal and sell your MAC. I would have a JLT if I didnt have a STB although I got a deal on my MAC.