Do GT40P's have regular EGR stuff?

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New Member
Aug 7, 2003
Covina, CA
brentwoodboy said:
You guys realy have me into these GT40P's and their capabilities. I am about to buy some, but I am also running EGR as this is my daily driver. Do they have the same EGR stufff as E7's?

They have the EGR passages down the center of the heads, so the EGR will function correctly... But... They do have provisions for smog pump Thermactor tube hookup.. Mine were supplied by Central Coast mustang, and they drilled and tapped them for the EGR hookup... Mine had full function of the Smog equipment, and EGR hookups... plus mine passed CA smog with no sweat... Currently, I have all that deleted, so they won't pass without a little help from a friend.. ;)


New Member
Nov 25, 2002
Brentwood, TN
Great, exactly what I needed to know. So...I am buying a set on ebay in 20 hours, will I know to tell the machine shop where to drill holes when I take my E7s off? I have never done a headswap, just an intake, so I'm a little bit apprehensive!