Do I need this sensor?

I ordered a turbo kit a while back, a year ago to be precise but thats another story. I picked up my car from a shop that has had my car for a long time to install my turbo kit for me because I didn't have the time to do it myself, thats another story too. So here's the question.

The sensor between the throttle body and maf that is in the black rubber tube doesn't have a place to go with the kit I ordered. I think it may be the air intake temperature sensor?.. regardless, I need to know if I have to use it or go have a bung welded in place on the new tube.

Thanks in advance,
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A lot of peeps move the iac behind the power adder to aid in tuning.

Your pcm does look for temp readings from it to + or - things like spark, fuel and the like.

If you are gonna get a tune, you may wanna ask your tuner for his input on its mounting location.

Your talking about the ACT sensor I think, it has somthing to do with the idle, it senses the air blowing thru the maf in the air intake boot/tube.

I dont think it will effect much, I had mine out when cleaning and it just seemed to idle a tiny bit high...
Thanks guys, I placed it in the base of my filter (in the same position as it was while it was its original tube). I already have a FAST system for it but havent installed it yet so it will only be this way for a short while. I just want to get the car up and running first.

Thanks again guys, it's nice to get quick responses other then use it or don't use it. I will let ya know if it doesn't work.