Do I still need this anymore?


May 27, 2005
Obviously, what the arrows are pointing at is the core of my question.
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I have read that this was mounted on the car to be a balancer or to stop vibrations. I read, it was to work with the stock gears and suspension. Since I have steeda lowering springs, Koni double adjustable rear shocks and FMS 373.1 gears, does anyone know if I can take this off or will it cause adverse effects.

1995 Mustang Cobra
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This also acts as a pinion snubber, so keep in mind if you remove it your drive shaft will start rubbing your e-brake cables when your rear suspension "squats".

I will be checking the pinion snubber and e-brake lines before I decide to take it off. Thanks for the heads up. Overall it sounds like it can go, but will check everything that is related to it (pinion snubber and brakelines) first.
Basically it strait pipes when the valve opens. Check out their website photos and videos.

It allows the exhaust to flow freely with no restriction, not like it does through the mufflers. I do not know the exact hp and trq increase yet, but with forced induction I will see an increase in both HP and TRQ. I going to get it dyno'd 2 weeks from to today(May 10th).
I have read that N/A cars have no gain and some have said they lost some low end Trq.
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