Does anyone know the amount of caliper clearance neede with cobra brakes?


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Nov 29, 1999
Altoona, PA
As you know, I looking for a new set of wheels. I want to go with cobra brakes up front down the road, but I'm finding that my choices are getting smaller and smaller as most wheels will not clear cobra brakes. I need to know how far the caliper sticks out past the rotor mounting area. By this I mean the part on the rotor that the wheel studs come out of, so that when the wheel is bolted on, it presses against the rotor in tis area. I'm leaning toward the billett specialties wheel, but it only has 7/8" MAX of clearance, and my gut tells me that is not enough. Does anyone know or can anyone look for me? I've been meaning to rip one of the wheels off my mom's bullitt to check, I just can't find the time.
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