Does my 86 GT have 4 cats?

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ah crap. I think I may have plugged cats. I'm having performance issues at WOT and i originally thought it was a fuel problem. It has been intermittent. A tech I work with says it's more likely to be exhaust restriction when it's intermittent.

I'm wondering what's going to be the most cost effective way to fix this and have a car pass that can pass emissions.
Get a new H-pipe.

Is your smog pump hooked up?

The first two cats are precats designed to be close to the engine so they can work when the car is still cold. The rear cats are the main cats
Yea, I have the smog pump still hooked. I'm going to need to see if I can pass with the current cats before I decide to drop money. If I can pass I'll just go with a cheap off road xpipe after my car is due for deq.