does this sound normal...


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Sep 13, 2004
Miami, Ok
ok i was getting some speed in my car tonight, my car pulls nicely until like 90 mph, then it starts getting slower and starts taking lots of time to get more speed, i only got to 110 and it sounded like the car was really strained.

So how do these cars pull at the HIGH speeds???
i also have stock gears.
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a stock geard mustang should pull well past 110. But look at it, dont they look like a box on wheels? Not sure what the drag coeficcient of the fox body are, but I cant imagine it being to low.

I can feel the heat :nono:
seems to me that it becomes exponentially more difficult to achieve speed - and this is felt at high speeds.
Fox Mustang was actually one of the first cars designed in a wind tunnel. My Windstar minivan will go 115, so I am certain your car will go faster. Sounds like something is out of whack.
Try running in 4th gear. 5th is an overdrive gear so you can't milk any power from it. Off the showroom lot the stock 5.0(probably GT) was suppose to get up to mid 140s in 4th... which probably wouldn't be adviseable with stock suspension.
i pulled codes a while back, i dont remember the numbers but they werent on any code lists i read.

I will run them tomorrow and then post them and see what they are...

What could be causing this??