Doors And HAtch not closing


Founding Member
Apr 19, 2002
More money more problems! Hey guys, My LX has a problem with the passenger door and rear hatch not fully closing. They will grab enough to keep either from just flying open but they rattle like hell, because they dont full lock down like they should. Does anybody have any troubleshooting tips I can try?
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Jul 9, 2002
No longer The Beach
HA! I don't know why I never thought about this. I had a problem with my hatch rattling, it would hold at the lock but when going over bumps both corners would jump like crazy and when I looked at it as it was happening there was about 1/2" gap that I could see right through. I just adjusted the striker and it seems like it'll fix the problem becauce before when I lifted on the corner it would be loose and now it seems a lot tighter. I hope it's all good when I go for a drive. Damn that was so annoying. My striker is also worn out a bit so I'll probably change it soon. Thanx guys. I feel like such a dumbass:doh: