Double din???


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Apr 8, 2002
I have a kenwood slide out touchscreen unit right now. I have a 95 gt i am wondering if anyone has replaced the radio with a double din ..if so how exactly.Any links or anything would be appreciated. I have a idea of moving the ac/heat controls to the bottom where the little cuby hole thing is then maybe cutting the bar seperating the ac/radio and trying to place a double din in there???
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I've done it several times. What you need to do is buy a dash bezel for a newer Mustang (2002, 2003 etc) that has the double din opening, then you have to cut a bit of the subdash to get it to fit properly. Once you get the bezel to fit the dash, you need to mount the double din to the subdash with some brackets making sure that it is positioned properly so that when you snap the new bezel on everything lines up. I found that this job really isn't very difficult and the outcome is very nice and factory looking.
ok great i have a 2003 bezel and i have trimmed everything to get it to fit. Now im trying to figure out what kind of brackets i need to make and where exactly to attach them to . So your saying install a 2003 dash radio installation kit onto the radio then mount the radio with the trim useing some brackets so that everything is in place . Then when everyhting is in place snap on the 2003 radio /ac factory trim ? Does anyone have any pics from this maybe with the radio /ac trim removed so i can see where you attached the brackets that you fabed? I thank you in advance.
I dont have any pics of the ones that I have done, but I will try to explain a little better. I did not use a kit, just the double din trim ring that came with the deck. The key thing is to get the deck mounted to the subdash in the perfect spot so when you snap the 2003 bezel on it is perfectly lined up. I use what we call backstrap, a thin metal strap that has holes in it, and attatch one or two to each side of the radio so that there is about 2 inches of the backstrap sticking out past the face of the deck. Position the deck in the subdash as closely as you can to where it needs to be mounted, then bend the backstrap out onto the subdash on the sides of the radio. Trim off any extra that will cause clearance issues with the bezel, leaving a couple holes so you can screw the backstrap to the subdash. Once you screw the backstrap to the subdash, test fit the bezel. Now you just adjust the postion of the deck by bending and/or relocating the backstrap brackets untill everything lines up. Here is a pic of a Lighting that I mounted two din sized units using the same method. If you look closely you can see the two backstrap brackets bent around the subdash and screwed in.


Ok great . I see what you are saying . That was my thought exactly to do . Like the metal crap they give you to hang your garage door opener to the ceiling. The main problem is ..there sint a dam thing to mount it to really .Its just one large opening right now. Not much if anything on either side to mount it to im thinking maybe from the back or something ..dam im going to have to try something . Just need to go pick some of that strap stuff up.Thank you for the info ill keep you poseted . Maybe some one has some pics of it in a mustang ???? ANYONE???? Thanks again. I wil keep you posted. Oh yea the radio didnt come with a trim ring thats why i bought the dash install kit for a 93 becasue if i didnt there would be a gap between the radio and radio/av bezel. The radio i am trying to install in the pioneer AVIC-D3.
I have a 2000 GT and I had the same problem. I installed a Kenwood double din head unit in my car recently. What I did was saw off those two tabs that stick out where it seperates the two single dins. It's where the dash bezel screws into the sub dash. Since I had a single din radio installed before I had that plastic storage thing below it to fill in the blank space. You know the piece that holds a few cd cases. Anyways, I took that piece, pulled the faceplate off of it so it fits inside the sub dash and i just rests at the bottom. This provided a good bottom support so when I slid the deck in it fit perfectly into the double din space. I installed the 01-04 dash bezel piece and then played around with the deck a bit and then snapped the head unit trim piece on. (the one thats supplied with the deck) The deck fits perfectly and doesn't move. It's not the cleanest install as far as screwing it down and all, but it works fine. It sounds pretty confusing, but don't be affraid to play around with it for a bit and you will see what you need to do. It will fit fine though. Here are a few pics of mine after it was installed.



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Thanks for the pics i have it all wired up and everything ran . and i did the same with the tabs i am going ot try this weekend to finish just been busy i am going ot try to make some aluminum braskets to screw it to the inside metal to hold it or something. i will post some pics i also trimmed out the old piece wher ethe old trim scred in so the buttons on the new peice would fit to fill in the hole sin botton
The install went good sorry i dont have any pics. But it looks like above pics..only diff thing i did is where you have the trac control ,fog light ,defrost buttons. i actually left the buttons in and dremeled the plastic behing them if you look in the pics above you can see the plastic thru the hole openings. I have my buttons in ,even though they are non fuctional looks a little better.But the sad thing and the great thing for me is--I have to take it all back out ,but the good news is its going in my 2004 mystichrome cobra that i bought 2 days ago!!!!! woohoo!!! but i thank you for the help guys. Anyone in florida wanna buy a yellow 95 gt let me know will be for sale shortly.