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Feb 15, 2010
Ok I'm still wondering how someone gets to test their car at a drag strip. I've never been to one and I live in North TX by north of dallas. I have no idea how the process even works. Do you pay to get in? or is there a certain day you have to go. I don't even know 1% about it. If anyone can leave me some info that would be great!
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It's actually really simple. Find out your local track, check to see if they have a website, or call to find out their test and tune night, and pay the entry fee (usually in the neighborhood of $20). They'll do a basic tech inspection, checking that your battery holddown is there, no broken windows, seatbelts function, tires are in decent enough shape to make the trip down, and that you have no loose objects that would become missiles, in the event of an accident.