Interior and Upholstery Drivers seat problems

I drive a 2012 mustang v6 and since I got it used from the dealership the drivers electric seat controls have been acting up. Now they are not moving. They completely died this last week, and the repair shop said it would be about $2100 to fix it due to a motor being shot. I am 17 and so definitely don’t have that money to fix it. My cheap solution was to find a seat at a junkyard and replace mine, but I have a few questions. First, are the seats in the 2012 mustangs the same size across the v6 - v8 trims, or even other years? Also, are the driver and passenger seats identical? If I were to find a manual seat instead of an electric one, would it fit in the car the same? There’s lots of possibilities, I just need a direction to work with. If my lack of car knowledge is apparent, let me know if I can specify anything better. Any help/advice is appreciated!
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Ford parts sells the Left side Track Assembly (all new motors installed on the track) for $837.50. Part number AR3Z6361711-A. Mine went out under warranty, but now my passenger seat is acting up and I'm out of warranty :( . Your repair shop is making a killing on labor :(