1. M

    Another Interior Question for sn95ers

    I have leads on two full sets of seats, and they are cheap cheap cheap. One set is from a 2005 GT; next is 2000. My questions are: Will the fronts from the 2005 bolt into my '96? Do I even have a chance at installing the back seats - I see they are split (folding I imagine). The 2000 has upper...
  2. L

    Adapters for newer seats in SN95 convertible?

    I've been hunting around on this for a while now, looking to put newer Mustang seats into my 98GT Convertible. There was a company that used to make exactly what I'm after...
  3. S

    Interior and Upholstery Drivers seat problems

    I drive a 2012 mustang v6 and since I got it used from the dealership the drivers electric seat controls have been acting up. Now they are not moving. They completely died this last week, and the repair shop said it would be about $2100 to fix it due to a motor being shot. I am 17 and so...
  4. G

    For Sale 1999 Mustang GT Leather Seats

    I have two leather mustang GT seats. The leather on the driver side has seen better days but sadly that is how they were when I got the car. Tried to take as good of care of them as possible though. Power seat works just fine, just took it out of the car Sunday. Looking to get $120 OBO. Located...
  5. ReefBlueGT

    Interior and Upholstery Anyone have Procar Elite Lumbar DLX seats in their Fox?

    Hi all, been thinking about replacing my factory seats for awhile now. The Procar Elite Lumbar DLX caught my eye because the vertical stitching will still match the rear seat in my convertible, and they look very supportive and much more comfortable than OEM, especially since I’m over 6’ and...
  6. H

    1970 Seat Options

    Has anyone done a guide to what late model seats, with some modification, fit in the early Mustangs, i.e. 1970? I have heard fox body ones do with minor changes. I'm wondering if S197 ones would fit specifically. Any other modern seats such as from a Fusion?
  7. nurse

    Upholstery Glue For Foam Swap -- Advice

    Hey all, So a pressing issue I've had since I bought my mustang is that the driver's side seat foam has collapsed on the left, making driving somewhat uncomfortable. I've managed to get my hands on replacement foam from a salvage yard, but I have no idea how to seperate that foam from the...
  8. 9

    Questions about seats

    Hi all. First post in a long time. Just bought a 1996 Mystic Cobra after 4 years of not having a Stang. This is my 8th Mustang and i think it might be a keeper. Anyway, one of the things I would like to change are the seats. I'm pretty tall and have always found that the seats in the SN95s...
  9. G

    2 seater v 4

    Hi - I am thinking of making my 87 GT Convertible a 2 seater to save on some costs in registering it here in Australia. Does anyone have any thoughts on whether it will decrease the value of a Fox Body Mustang to do this ? I can't really see anyone other than a child sitting in the back seat...
  10. S

    Seat-removal fiasco

    Hi all. I need to remove the driver's seat on my '96 Cobra for multiple reasons. The back bolts were, as I was warned, very hard to turn. However, eventually they started turning more freely.... but with no further result. They haven't backed out of the holes at all, and they didn't seem to...
  11. P

    WTB/Trade Dc/va/md Area: Need Interior Parts

    Hi, My '06 has an interior in poor condition. The interior is gray, so easiest to stick with that, but will consider black or other color combos. I'm looking for: Carpet: Gray or black Headliner Rear package shelf Seats May also want: Console Aluminum finish dash trim 6 gauge cluster...
  12. E

    1998 And 1999-2004 Seats

    Hey, I have a 1998 Mustang with silver/grey cloth seats. I want to replace them with leather but I am having a hard time finding grey leather seats online for the 1998 year online, but I have found grey leather seats for a 1999 and upwards. I was wondering if the seats from a 1999-2004 will fit...
  13. T

    What Rear Seats Will Fit A Fox? S197, Newedge?

    Looking for a rear seat in my 93 coupe. Something nicer than just a fox seat. Does anyone know what's a direct bolt on fit?
  14. S

    How To Replace Driver's Power Seat With Manual

    Hi all. The motor on my '96 Cobra's power seat is shot, and I never wanted a power seat anyway. So I bought a passenger-side manual rack on eBay and plan to use it under the driver's seat. Does anyone know what's involved in using it on the opposite side? Most of the eBay listings say you can...
  15. Pauliematts

    Expired Custom Interior Blue And Tan

    Hey everyone, up for sale is custom interior. Includes seats, front and rear, rear quarter panels, door panels, and even center console. Seats are fully assembled. Project was done for a friend who wound up losing the car prior to work being finished. His loss is your gain. Originally priced for...
  16. 84Ttop

    Expired 97 Cobra Seats, Mint!!

    For sale: 97 Cobra Tan Leather Seats These seats were reupholstered 2 years ago and are mint Front and back seats as a set and will not separate I prefer to sell local, parts located in Mullica Hill, NJ 08062 300$ Firm for the set, I will entertain shipping at actual shipping costs Paypal...
  17. FrankenStang88

    Interior and Upholstery 1988 Gt Seats

    So, ive been looking on site after site, looking for replacement seats in my fox. The current ones i have are the stock ones and they are all kinds of messed up. The drivers seat wont lock after you ajdust it forward and back and the passenger has water damage. The only seats ive found are...