Drivers Window won't go up/down


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Jul 1, 2004

I have a 01 mustang GT vert and this weekend I ran into a problem where my drivers side window will not go up or down. The window is currently stuck in the down position. I traced the wires to a box above the fuse block. This box has two wire harnesses that come out the back of the box the wire harnesses are black and brown. It also has three wire harnesses that come out the side that are colored in order black white black. This box makes a click noise when I push the down position on the button. What is this box and is their something wrong with this box and that is the reason why the window doesn't work. Also how much does it cost to fix this box. Could it be the motor in the window that doesn't work? Any help would be highly appreciated.
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I havent ever ran into a problem with one of my windows, so Im not exactly sure what youre describing there, but if it isnt budging, it's probably the actuator
Sounds like you are describing the GEM (Generic Electronics Module). It contains the "one-touch-down" circuit and relay (the normal operation of which is the click you hear).

Like others suggested, the problem is most likely the motor.
03-s281 said:
Slam the **** out of the door and it will fix it :nice: Mine did that once and thats the answer I got and it hasnt done it since. That was last year.
Slam where you believe the motor is located at. The brushes may be dirty. Sounds stupid but it has worked for me quite a few times both on my old Fox body car and friends/relatives Ford cars.
Pull off the door panel and tap on the window motor with a hammer. I've done this to tons of cars and it will almost alway fix the problem (sometimes forever, sometimes for 5 minutes), but it's worth a try before spending any cash.
This JUST happened to me yesterday, pay $16 at autozone for a motor rebuild kit, and take 30minutes and install it....3 bolts hold the motor in place, then take out old crap, slide in new crap, WALA!!

Even as easy as it sounds.....:D
I swear to god this happened to me twice in the past 2 months. What happened (I think) is that the window fell off the track. The first time the dealership just pulled the window into the "up" position and it started working again. The second time... well it hasnt been fixed yet :D