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Mar 30, 2005
i have a 97 automatic and have been hearing some noises under the car. Tonight i jacked it up and looked to see if I could figure out what it was. I started shacking the tranny to see if it was loose and then i shook the drive shaft and i could shack it back and forth and it made the noise i was hearing. My question is are you supposed to be able to shack the driveshaft like that or should it be solid with no shake to it. Thanks for your help.
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can you describe the noise? is it rattling?, humming?, grinding? does it get louder with the speed of the car, or the engine rpms? I'm not an expert on transmissions, but if you give more details someone better qualified could help you better
Its like a loud rattle. you can hear it the best at lower rpms. when you are lower rpms the cars also seems to buck a little. when you shake the driveshaft you can hear something in the tail shaft rattle as well. My dad drives a f150 with the same tranny and its driveshaft doesnt budge. Mine deffinitally budges to say the least.
When you are stopped you wouldn't hear anything from the driveshaft. It will move a tiny bit...about as much as you described. I'd get it on ramps and crawl around listening if it does it while idleing.