Dropping a line to let everyone know i'm still alive


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Apr 11, 2000
Red Lion, PA
Been awhile since I've posted & just wanted to say hey to all the old crew.

Since you guy's heard from me last I had my little Boy Joseph Austin, he's 8 months old now & a total bruiser. That kids a blast...he's 25 #'s & over 24'' s long... he's gonna be a big boy!

In late december my whole family got severe respitory infections & every one except me were in the hospital for a week. Turns out there was mold in the house & it was a bad allergic reation. So we ended up moving & replacing pretty much everything we owned since you can never really kill mold.

New place is great ... bigger yard than the last place more room inside too. Bigger driveway but alas no garage to work in:eek:

Everyone is doing better thankfully & I finnally got my project car up & running & I have a 351W waiting for me at a friends place. Plans are to get the bodywork & paint done over the spring & hopefully have the 351w ready to drop in before fall.

What's everyone been up to?

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Mike86Stang said:
Damn Shawn, so harsh ... now I'm gonna go cry.


I think I still have tear stains on me from last time Mike. Glad you all are doing well. Hit me on aim sometime sucka! Ill show you my new project.
Damn it does look like your a car whore... first you went on the rag, then you got old, then you got off road, now your back to your senses lol. Are you sure your not becoming a woman? Cause you can't seem to make up your mind...

No aim since this isn't my pc...that got kinda FUBAR during the move :D.

Mr Pickle :pThanks for the well wishes, I saw your other thread... the car is looking good, I've always loved your car... to bad it's in your driveway & not mine :).
Yeah i thought about doing the same type of post...since i've actually come close to BEING dead a few times, but i just lurk here and there. I had some hefty computer issues and got sick of it and took a break from internet use all together. Maybe now i'll return to my post-whoring ways.
Thanks everyone, DeVus1 LONG time since I've seen you around.... glad to see some of the old schoolers are still on here.

Shawn LX light's won't kill your look, graters are just fugly... I even have my old 86 tails if you want em.

SS- what have you been doing with yourself to get yourself near death?