dual exhaust help


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Jun 16, 2006
can anyone help with '78 302 hatchback, hedman hedders, auto trans, trying to run dual exhaust but the transmission crossmember is in the way of the driver's side collector and i can't finish the exhaust.
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haha ya he is, i got mine for 25 after shipping off of ebay

but i ended up having a buddy of mine fab up a tubular one, im going to need him to take it and change it for the t-5 tho:nice:
hey lilcbra yeah i am interested email me how much you want and total cost with shipping to nazareth, pa. if i could get it by this weekend i can finish the car. same screen name as here on yahoo or call my cell 610-509-2131-jeff
How did your exhaust turn out? Was the hole I milled out enough? I never double checked it to mine since it was in the car and I wanted to make sure you got it in time. Hope it went well!!
I had a similar problem. The header collector was directed at my trans crossmember. (drivers side) I removed the crossmember, cut that section of the member out and welded in a piece of 6" diameter pipe that I cut in half. I tig welded the pipe to the crossmember sections (where I removed the previous portion) and had it powdercoated. It works beautifully. I can post photos if someone explained how to. This may sound crazy but it looks good and works very well. :shrug:
That sounds like a really good approach.
The easiest way to post photos is to create a free account on Photobucket:
Follow their easy instructions, and once you upload your photos to their site, you push a button to generate the image tags. Copy and paste those to your posting here and your pictures will automatically show up in your post.
over in the forums section of the .net site they have a second classified section listed as parts-buy-sell . the ad is not in the main classifieds.

guy is selling 2 of the double hump cross-members. a little more than i would pay but no where near as bad as the one listed earlier in the thread. the ad is just listed as "misc parts hard to find "

good luck
I just bought a red King this past weekend and the previous owner gave me 2 of those cross members, both from a V6 car and one had the hole hogged out already. They were both blasted and repainted black, PM me if your interested in one, or I can bring it to carlisle this weekend for the ford show.