dynomax ultra flows...no good clips?


Founding Member
Sep 5, 2001
St Louis MO
i cannot find sound clips of this exhaust or anyone that has it hardly anywhere...anyone that does cant get sound clips...but its still available so it must be selling. An old neighbor of mine had a 94 5.0 with what i am now believing is the ultra flows because nothing elses sounds close to the way his car did...absolutely GORGEOUS...i drooled every single time. i never could find out the exhaust on it (didnt really get along with him) but i still have never really heard another stang like that. the only clips i can find of it sound alot like his did but they are poor clips on other cars usually...it was very "tinny" sounding and echoed through the neighborhood...i have had or heard magnaflow,flows and mac and none sound close to that. Id love to hear some cars with it if anybody has it, through all my years of this board and mustang owning I still cannot discover that sound :hail2: :bang: and ive done searches and checked all and every sound clip site, there are no even remotely good clips out there...anyone?
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