Ecu gauges iac and egr problems please help


New Member
Jan 28, 2020
San angelo TX
I have a 2000 mustang gt convertible any help with any of the problems would help
First gauges are slow to work after start up I have checked and fixed ground and power to it still no luck on fixing it
Secondly idle air control valve went out and was keeping rpm about 4000 so replaced it with no luck then deleted it with a manual adjustment
3rd egr vaccum hose blew off the valve so I deleted the egr and no check engine light came on I thought weird but went on figuring that it would come on shortly
Fourth I went to check for timing advance/retard to see about adjusting for constant while at idle and my scan tool automatically connected to ecu3 in one protocol but no live data or codes so I tried a second time this time it connected through ecu5 using another protocol and was able to pull codes but no live data the codes was for the egr and idle air control valve all of which I was expecting so I figured that third Time is the charm and tried again this time it connected to ecu4 through yet another protocol and got live data but no codes after all of this I think the scan tool has broke and try the snap on and something happens so I take it to Ford and test it again samething the service manager who I'm good friends with tells me in his 30 year career has never seen anything like it and doesn't have a clue other then tearing it down and chasing wires and testing ecu can any one come up with something different I already started taking the dash out but if I don't have to I would prefer not to any help at all would be great
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