EFI - Carb conversion Pump through Dead EFI???

Im converting from efi to carb.
Everything is almsot done, last issue is the fuel.
Can I just cut the power for the in-tank EFI pump, and hook up my holley blue outside of the tank? I know I can blow very easily through the holley blue, so I wouldnt see a reason that the holley couldnt pump through a dead EFI pump. (I am doing all of this to keep the existing pickup BTW)

Thanks much!
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i tried it on an efi truck and it did not run to well, it would idle fine but when revved it popped and died. so i was pretty sure the fuel pump in the tank was the problem since the motor ran fine when i use a gravity feed fuel tank on the fender to test the engine out.
make sure it is a return style regulator and also make sure that your return line is bigger than your feed line or you could have problems like burning the fuel pump out
several years ago i worked on an 80 something firebird that somebody had converted from tbi to carb but they kept the original electric intank pump.it caused flooding and other problems.i installed a mechanical fuel pump and just disconnected the electric and the stock pump pulled fine through the old electric pump.all's fine 5 years later.
Question- Which fuel line is the return one?
I guess the only way to tell is turn on the fuel pump and see which one shoots out gas!! :D
Would it be a bad idea to mount the holley pump under hood? I only ask because that would be the easiest place to splice the fuel line.